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Length: 3 Modules

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The extended description field in course overview contains the description of the course that students will see before they sign up for the class. Yhe course description will also be used to help sell the class.

This is where the instructor can add an outline or detailed text based description of the course.

Below is the description for this tutorial.


Course Description of this Tutorial.  


Our robust MLS (learning Management Software) program that can be as simple or as detailed as an instructor wishes to make it.


After spending a little time learning from this tutorial a novice first time instructor can set up an on-line course. The same can be said for experience LMS instructors who want to add advanced features to their courses.


With our program Instructors initially create a core course and then have the option of having self-study class or interactive classes


A self-study class involves very little interaction between instructors and students. Students have full access to the entire course content on day one and then can work through that content at their own speed.


Our interactive courses allow instructors a great deal of flexibility in how they chose to interact with students. This tutorial course will explain what these features are and how to build them into a course.



Here are a few (but not all) of our interactive features:

  • Instructors can request video homework. Students can then use any and every brand of cell phone to shoot a short video. They then log into the course from the cell phone browser, click one button to select the video and a second to upload the video right into the forum for the course. It’s that simple.

  • Instructors or students can send and receive private messages (similar to email)

  • Instructors can post class announcements to all the enrolled students

  • Students can post forum questions and get answers from instructor.

  • Instructors have the option of weekly “live chats’ (webinars) with the entire class

  • Courses can be designed as “Certification Classes” in which student participation is monitored and graded.

  • Testing can be in the form of multiple choice, essays, or student videos.


This tutorial is designed to teach instructors how to build out there courses. You will learn how to build the course outline (through Modules and Segments) . You will learn how to add content. This includes text, videos or photos. You learn how to manage your classes once you have students enrolled. You will also learn how to set up the front end of the course with descriptions that students and customers will see before taking classes.






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Course Outline


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Q&A on the Course

The COURSE FAQ section can be used by instructors to build their own Q&A section on the course. When students ask a good question concerning the content or goals of the course the instructor can add that information to this text box.

The goal being to build out enough material that potential students get their questions answered by the content of the course description and this text Q&A box. 



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